I think every female has a beauty routine. Yes, even us moms. It may not be the full-glam-Youtube-star routine, but none the less, it’s still our “go-to”. We all have our things that we use daily that make us feel our best in our spit up covered, over sized sweat pants, and that t-shirt with the holes you just can’t throw away because you’ve been through so much together. These 10 little things help me still feel human, and dare I say, “attractive”. I keep them stocked at all times! Most of these are perfect the on-the-go mom, but also for the more high maintenance mama too. I’m somewhere between the two so it’s a perfect balance! 😉

1.  L’Oreal Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara – $8

I searched for a mascara I loved for years. I’ve used  both cheap and expensive brands and just none of them gave me the results I needed. Then L’Oreal released their Lash Paradise mascara. I thought I’d give it a try and what-do-ya-know. It did the job. I had been using the original formula, and I have to say. As much as I loved the way it made my eye lashes look long, and full, it would run under my eyes often. And it made me crazy. But the waterproof doesn’t do that a bit. Lasts all day long. And it is great worn alone, or with a full face of makeup.

2. Amiika Bombshell Blow Out Spray – $25

This one I don’t use daily per se. But I do use it whenever I shower and blow dry my hair. I swear by it. Nothing is worse than flat, lifeless air. And this stuff literally breathes the volume right in to it. It’s been the only thing that works for me! Not to mention, it smells fantastic. On the ocassions I fully get ready and need hairspray, the Amiika hair spray is another fantastic product that I highly recomend! Strong hold, without the crunchy hair spray feeling!

3.  Lush “Ultrabland” Face Wash – $18.95

I couldn’t get through the day without this stuff. Because of the waterproof mascara, I find a hard time finding something that easily, and completely removes my make-up. It only takes a small bit, rubbed on my eyes, and then rubbed away with a warm wash rag. This face wash is different than any other I’ve used before. It feels kind of oily, (but not in a bad way!) and it doesn’t easily wash away with just a splash of water so you do need to take a wash cloth and rub it away instead. But the formula is really nice, and leaves me feeling squeaky clean!! It’s made of honey, beeswax, and other essential oils to leave your skin feeling nourished and soft.

4. Nuetrogena Oil-Free Make-Up Removing Wipes – $4.99

Even though I have my own little face routine that typically follow, let’s be honest. There’s some days where i’m too exhausted to even consider washing my face. On those days, these come in handy. Great for on the go. They don’t irritate my skin like other wipes. And they really work! They do remove my waterproof mascara with some extra rubbing, but not as good as my Ultrabland wash for sure. But for a quick fix, these are wonderful! They’re perfect for those lazy days!

5. Fenty Pro-filter Foundation – $34

I tend to put makeup on any time I leave the house. I just prefer to have an even looking skin tone. This foundation is great because it is buildable. A light layer is just enough to cover my blemishes, but not too thick and cakey that I feel over done going to run errands. I’ve been using Fenty since it’s come out and it’s my favorite foundation I’ve ever used. I recommend it to everyone I know. I use a Beauty Blender to evenly apply it. And follow with some bronzer and highlighter to keep me looking glowly! It stays all day without wearing down! It powers through all the blood, sweat and tears of motherhood for sure. 😉

6. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Highlighting Fluid – $25

This one kind of ties in with my foundation. I do not leave without the highlighter on, with the foundation. It gives such a soft, natural glow. I put it on my eyelids, cheekbones, a bit on my nose. With this, a bit of bronzer and mascara, it’s a natural look to make me feel and look less exhausted than I really am!

7. Batiste Dry Shampoo – $6

Because we ALL need a good dry shampoo. No judgement here folks. I am on day 5 as we speak. I like this brand because it comes in so many different scents! It smells great, and works really well with absorbing the oils and making my hair seem cleaner than it is- which is the ultimate goal right??

8. Wet-n-Wild Liquid Eyeliner – $2.99

I don’t wear eyeliner daily. It’s really 50/50 and depends on how much time I’ve got on my hands. (Usually not enough!) I always wear it to work however. This is another one of those products that I’ve spent countless amounts of money on high end brands and none of them worked as well as my cheapo $3 product. I like the way the brush tip is flexible and doesn’t fray. It goes on smooth, and makes it easy to do a thin line, or a wing liner. It also has really great staying power!

9. Drunk Elephant TLC Sukari Baby Facial – $80

Okay- before you panic about the price tag. It’s crazy. I know. But I promise you. It’s one of those splurge items that is gonna last you forever, and it’s going to be your best friend. This face mask is a Godsend. I’ve just recently included it into my regimen. You use it once weekly. It gives a slight tingle when you’ve got it on, but I am a nut. I like the things that burn and remind me it’s workin’! When you wipe it off, and touch your skin, holy cow. It’s smooth likes a newborn baby’s skin! It’s unreal! I’ve been using it for 3 weeks now and I can already see in improvements in my skin looking brighter and healthier.

10. Wine – Priceless

So it’s not a beauty product. Okay. But can we all agree that without it, none of us would function like normal adults? My favorite it the Cupcake Moscato. Yum.

What beauty products do you swear by? Have you used any on this list? Let me know in the comments below!


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