The internet is pretty grand. Besides its obvious downfalls of creating mini YouTube obsessed robots, and spreading false news around Facebook like wildfire. It also gives me the opportunity to snag some pretty fantastic deals. Such as- this free train table from one of the Facebook yard sale pages. Yes people. FREE.

There’s a hobby shop down the road from our house. Kyle will often go and check out the Gundam models, and the kids love to tag along. Mainly because there is an exclusive kids section that has a large variety of Thomas the Train sets, and a train table set up to play with. Maddox has always loved it. Even if he knows we’re only running in to pick up a quick piece Kyle needs, he HAS to go in to play with the trains. He runs straight to it. We’ve talked about getting him a train set for what seems like forever. But a.) They can be pricey. and b.) Where would we put the darn thing?

But alas. We were gifted from the internet Gods this wonderful hunk of wood and I couldn’t wait to find a place to put it, even if it inconvenienced my perfectly placed bedroom furniture.

He was so excited about his new “teen set” as he calls it. And I was excited to save $100 or more! The top of it was pretty beat up. The clear layer of film protecting the brightly painted landscape was peeling. I knew it had to go.

After a good sanding with a belt sander, Kyle presented to me a beautifully smooth, and clear table top. Sweet. Now, what to do with it?

I decided I wanted something multi functional. The landscape wasn’t necessary and I found it to be kind of ugly. I had chalk paint left over from Amelia’s bedroom so I figured a couple coats of that would give us a new table top, and serve as a drawing table if he ever got tired of the trains, or if he just wanted to spend some time coloring in his room.

It turned out great! It was so simple. And a cheap re-do for an (almost) free project. If you don’t have the paint and a brush on hand, you can easily pick that up at Walmart for about $10!

I’ve not decided if I want to keep the natural wood color, and/or if I want to paint the other side of the table top. Any ideas?? For right now, it works great, looks great and he loves it. So what more can I ask for?


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