Dollar Tree Pumpkin Up-cycle Tutorial!

I don’t know what the weather is where you all are at, but here in Ohio, it’s a perfect moody 62 degrees, with a slight breeze and a cloudy over cast. I’m pretty sure if the weather was like this every day, I’d never live an unhappy day in my life. This kind of weather just makes my heart sing. Fall time is approaching, thank god. I am NOT a summer fan. Humidity that causes my face to melt off? Never being able to shed enough layers too cool down? Shorts that get stuck in rolls I didn’t know I had. Boob sweat? No freaking thanks. Throw me a flannel and endless supply of pumpkin spice everything and I am set for life!

pumpkintutorialfinal (1).png

Anyway- I’ve already began to decorate for the season here in the Carter household. It is NEVER too early to bring out the pumpkins. Unless you’re a summer lover- which in case you will be a hater on my pumpkins scattered in every corner of every room. Sorry, not sorry! Every year I tell myself I am going to buy all the things for fall. But, budgets come and ruin all of that extra spending- dang. So this year, I sought out to Pinterest to find some budget friendly decor options that would spruce up the house on a dime. As usual, Pinterest didn’t disappoint! I am going to be taking a spin on tutorials I find around the internet, and adding a bit of whimsy to them, and then I will share them with you! This will be a short fall series of decorating for the month of September!

Without further a do- the first tutorial I will be showing you is the drab-to-fab dollar store pumpkin tutorial! I had NO idea I could take such a hideous pumpkin and turn it into something so beautiful. I followed the original tutorial found here by The Kim Six Fix. I just want to kiss this woman’s face for providing such an amazing tutorial. Using her tutorial I transformed a simple dollar store pumpkin from this:

To this gorgeous botanical, rustic style pumpkin!

You’d never know it cost me a couple of bucks. It looks like it’s straight out of a magazine from Pottery Barn or something. The supplies are super simple.

You will need:

  • Foam Pumpkins from the Dollar Tree
  • Synthetic flowers (the purple came from Joann’s with a 50% off coupon, they cost about $2.50, the yellow are from the Dollar Tree- and you can make several pumpkins from each floral stem!)
  • Various paints- For this tutorial I used a basic cream colored paint for the base, and two shades of brown for the rustic look, and gold for accents.
  • School Glue
  • Paint brushes
  •  Glue Gun
  • Old Tooth brush
  • Stick for stem (Not pictured)

You can use any color paints you wanted to. Depends on the look you’re going for. We’re aiming for a more rustic, farm house decor look so I stuck with a cream and added some brown shades. The gold was an added effect to had a little glam to it! You can never have too much gold, ya know?

Now- I didn’t think to take pictures of the ENTIRE process. So shame on me. It’s a learning process and I wasn’t sure I was even going to post a tutorial for it until it was too late. So read carefully, OR just click the link here to go to the original tutorial that actually has video that is EXTREMELY helpful on the painting process, then come back here to finish the floral part! 😉

  1. The first step is to add a layer of school glue. Be mindful of you brush strokes because they do make a difference in the crackling technique.
  2. Once it’s slightly tacky, you can paint on your base color of paint- in this case- the cream color. I used a hair dryer to speed up the process and you could see it crackling as it dried!
  3. Once your base coat is on, I took the light brown color paint and mixed a dime size amount with about a tablespoon of water to thin the paint out. I brushed that color over the entire thing and wiped away the excess.
  4. I went in with the dark brown color and added in any details. It doesn’t take much, and honestly, it was more of a “as-you-go” process. There is no right or wrong way to do. Just let your inner crafty lady (or gentleman!) take over and add the details where you see fit. I added my dark in the curves of the pumpkin to add definition, and the took the bristle brush to take away any excess.
  5. Splatter the gold using an old tooth brush, or just flinging paint with a brush but that tends to be a bit messier. Just ask my kitchen table.

Once you’ve done all of that, your end process should look something like this.

6. Once your pumpkin is painted, you can hot glue on the stem. I used a thick branch from my back yard that Kyle trimmed down to the perfect size. You can leave it as is, or continue on with the next step to make it a whimsical floral pumpkin!

7. Hot glue your leaves and flowers in an arrangement around the top. I recommend laying them out and trying to see exactly where you want them before gluing them down. Once they’re glued, you risk removing your paint or some of the Styrofoam trying to take them off.  Optional: Add gold detailing to leaves and flowers with a small detail brush.

And that’s it! So easy. I made three pumpkins in about 2 hours- and even then, I was extremely distracted and stopped multiple times, so you could probably finish this in about an hour depending on how much time you spend on the painting!

I am SO in love with out it turned out! I have two other pumpkin tutorials to post that will show you the final display piece I made with my three pumpkins. They’re sitting happily on my living room table as we speak! The before and after is just unreal!

I hope you enjoyed this cheap DIY for fall! If you try this out, please share how it turned out! Stay tuned for a few more before and after pumpkins coming tomorrow!

Happy DIY-ing!